BI Partner

A trust for over 10 years

The right Business Intelligence solution should always deliver more than you expect.

Your data management and business intelligence consulting partner should also enforce this rule. At BI Partner, we have been doing this since 2010. Our reputation speaks for itself.

Arnaud H. – Data Strategist

Since 2004, Arnaud has focused on working with clients on their strategies to get the right data for decision makers. His experience as a BI / Datawarehouse architect, responsible for data visualization, project manager and ETL developer led him to be a trusted interlocutor for customers seeking to prepare a reliable decision-making framework.
Arnaud’s exposure to BI / Visualization and Data Management technologies is unprecedented and includes technologies such as: Microsoft BI solution (SSAS, Tabular, SSRS, SSIS), Power BI, Tableau, QlikView, Talend.
Few people in the BI industry have the knowledge to demonstrate the strengths and weaknesses of these advanced and emerging technologies. For this reason, Arnaud advises his clients on how to make the most of existing investments while considering new solutions.
Arnaud has worked in a number of sectors: industry, marketing, health, banking and financial investment, public and education.
His philosophy is that, although business can come and go, character will always remain the same, and keeping that mindset is essential when working with customers, employees and everyday business.


Why we exist

BI Partner wishes to create the first network of consultants (independent or not) experts in the data sciences.

We started from the following postulate:

We are facing great economic and social changes on a daily basis, we are experiencing the emergence of new ways of working
We are seeing a growing distrust of traditional, pyramidal, expensive, opaque and complex advice. When excellent consultants from recognized firms become independent and entrepreneurs.

Why not imagine an innovative, more agile, simply better approach to consulting?

On these bases, we do not wish to create a classic consulting firm, nor a pure digital platform for the exchange of expertise, we wish to create an original model more efficient, more transparent, more human and more responsible.

Our mission

Serve others. Deliver excellence. Changing lives.

Our main mission is to respond in the simplest and most efficient way to the needs of our customers with the best experts.

We deliver value to our customers through our innovative solutions. We help them make the best decisions so they can grow their business faster.

Thanks to our know-how, we are changing our environment and those around us.

Our core values

  • Transparency
  • Flexibility
  • Empowerment
  • Innovation

  • Passion

If you are as passionate about data as we are, you only have one thing to do