Enterprise Business Intelligence is

a “single platform” approach for transmitting data to decision-makers in the organization. Solution vendors in this market are well established and have focused on this area for several decades.
The panel of tools within these platforms allow you to compete with the following functions:

  • Dashboard
  • Operational reporting
  • Data visualization
  • Ad hoc requests
  • Data movement (ETL tools)
  • Data cleaning
  • Predictive analysis
  • OLAP concepts
  • Database and smart storage
  • KPI semantic layers

BI Partner’s industry vision

The success of the business should be the guiding principle of any deployment. Data visualization allows companies to deploy tools that allow employees to quickly explore detailed and comprehensive data. This is a very real need and BI partner can provide a strategy aligned with the objectives of the organization to ensure the success of a data visualization project.

We help companies deploy a dashboard approach or integrate it into an existing Enterprise Business Intelligence platform.

Enterprise Business Intelligence solutions we work with

  • Microsoft Business Intelligence (SSIS, SSAS, SSRS)

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