Smart decisions start with your data.

Since 2010, BI Partner has been helping companies to get more visibility through their data and extract the right information to make smart decisions. We focus on the implementation and implementation of data visualizations and consulting in Business Business Intelligence.

The Business Intelligence strategy is no longer a buzzword and we frequently meet companies where attempts to incorporate BI have already been made. Unfortunately, difficulties persist when it comes to finding the right information at the right time.

Different tools, multiple data movements and analyzes, different departmental decision-making strategies, disconnected data and disengaged IT players only lead to one thing: A daily struggle for decision-makers to have access to data so that they can make factual decisions.

Business Intelligence Solutions

Our 14 years of experience allow us to see through convoluted systems and make sense of data in the best way possible for your business. We know that end-user adoption of the organization is a measure of the success of any BI strategy. We strive to make these users comfortable with the software.

Data-Driven Business Analytics

Integrate disparate systems and streamline data into a single consistent source

Increase your productivity by gaining visibility on inefficient processes

Use your data and transform it into information

Mobile Business Intelligence

Access business information, KPIs, visualizations at any time using your smartphone and tablet

Any electronic device with an internet browser: smartphone, tablet, iPad, iPhone, smart TV, …

BI Dashboards

Custom dashboards based on what’s important for each department

Enable key decision makers to get critical information first

Provide cockpit views to managers

Simplifies the user experience with an easy-to-use format

Analytics & Reporting

Measure business objectives with automated reports

Create ad-hoc or predefined reports

Facilitate rapid decision making with access to simplified information

Predictive analysis

Predict trends with intuitive tools that use a historical view of company data

Protect margins with data-driven forecasting

End-user adoption audits

Audit of how end users use the analysis tools

Creating plans on how to increase their uses

Allows the business to get the most out of the investment

Business Intelligence products we work with

  • Microsoft PowerBI
  • Tableau Software
  • Microsoft SQL Server BI (SSIS, SSAS, SSRS)

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