Tableau advice of Partner BI provides to your business:

  • Overview of your operations: find patterns hidden in your data
  • Interactive visual analysis: Tableau’s dashboards allow you to easily navigate the data and make it easier to understand.
  • Sophisticated dashboards: drag and drop your information to create stunning visual representations of the data
  • Ad hoc analysis: Tableau’s “Hyper” data engine lets you analyze millions of rows of data in seconds. “Hyper” is a high performance memory data engine technology. It provides faster, always up-to-date data to allow you to analyze a broader and more complete view of your data.
  • Faster decision-making:Since the data is visually represented by VizQL ™, this directly represents your data visually, which allows you to instantly see the result of your actions during the analysis.
  • Complete data: combine several data sources in a single view
  • Easily share information: export live presentations to other applications
  • Real-time answers to questions: changes made to the data are immediately reflected in your analyzes
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